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Dissapointing experience
Customer Service Representative (Ex-funcionário) –  Lisbon30 de Março de 2019
They promised so much. But yet nothing was true except for the sunshine. Promising activities and a seemingly great work environment.

All was very unprofessional, you're treated as a money making machine for them. No regards to people. They expect the people to work as best as they can but meanwhile do not give a good example and promote lying just so the management of the project would not be down rated. If you expect me to do a good job, then I expect the same!

They hide a lot of information before coming to Lisbon, probably otherwise nobody would come anyways. If you plan to stay just a few months then it's fine, but if you want to stay longer.. well the rent in this city is so expensive and you do not earn enough for that. Do not do it or find another company.

They can also kick you out of the apartment in a short time notice. I got pregnant and got told that during maternity leave I was not allowed to stay in the apartment. Ridiculous. I had no where to go and it caused me a lot of stress. If it were not for the help of my family I could have been on the streets being pregnant. Absolutely awful. That's the thanks you get for working there.

Bonus system is inconsistent. I actually stopped caring about the whole bonus at some point as it was not that high and I couldn't be bothered with the extra stress.

If you get a good place to live, then you're lucky. If not, or if you got crappy roommates, then bad for you as you will be stuck with that probably unless you rent a room yourself. Do not expect to be able to rent a place for yourself in Lisbon with the ridiculous
  mais... high renting prices.

The sunshine is nice but even that gets old after a while and the city also smells a bit funky during the summer. Not too bad but with my hightened smell I couldn't stand it anymore after a while.

Take the negative reviews serious. I am sure there are people who stayed a bit or who got favoured in the company could have a good time, but if you have any problems or issues, you're basically left to your own devices.

Also healthwise, everyone in the company got sick a lot of times. It is not very clean and it was obvious we infected each other. Bring hand sanitizer. Seriously.

Not recommended.
Nice weather and you meet some nice people
Everything else was not great, this company is a joke besides some well intended people but they do not carry the whole company.
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good company to collect experience in an other country
Call Center Agent (Funcionário Atual) –  Lisbon30 de Agosto de 2019
customer support for the travelpartner Expedia
resolving of challenges
managing and planing vacations for customers
big multicultural company
often angry customers, lerned to handle stress situations
a good change to collect experience in a lovely sunny country
Free Apartments, relocation service, relocation support
Call Center
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Equilíbrio entre Trabalho/Vida Pessoal
Cultura Corporativa
Trabajé en la empresa de teleperformance y es muy responsable en pagos y da confianza. Excelente empresa
Operadora en call Center (Ex-funcionário) –  Santos Lisboa27 de Julho de 2019
Tuve la oportunidad de trabajar en Teleperformance y observé que tanto las instalaciones, el pago, la motivación y seriedad de la empresa, hace que se trabaje a gusto. Una empresa que vale la pena desde donde se mire.
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